Ragim Archery Impala Recurve Takedown Bow 60" 40# LH

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This infallible and reliable bow is one of Ragim’s flagship products. It gives the archer a superior performance at a good price. The simply shaped riser is made of exotic woods layered in an attractive lamination. It’s compatible with two different limbs sizes, to construct a 60” or 62” bow. The Impala handle is equipped with inserts to install a sight, stabilizer and Berger button. The patented innovative Ragim Bow Tuning System allows the archer to easily adjust the limbs’ alignment.

  Ragim Bows are manufactured in Italy of the finest quality materials.  Compare Ragim's quality with similar bows that are made in China, and you can see the difference for yourself.   Ragim offers you the best quality for the money!