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Introducing FIRE-ARM GUARD the ultimate gun moisture absorber. The exciting new American made product that will keep your guns and ammo free of moisture which can cause rust. Similarly, it will also keep the air in your locker, safe or cabinet fresh and free of musty odor. This amazing new product is 100% natural, eco-friendly and contains zero chemicals. Keep your rifles, shotguns, pistols, and ammo safe and dry. Finally, our product will not harm streams, lakes and rivers that humans and animals depend on to be clean and chemical free.

And they are not only for your guns and ammo. Bring them along on hunting trips to dry your boots, gloves and equipment overnight. You can also keep a pouch in your vehicle to keep the cabin dry and fresh. Use anywhere around the home that has a tendency to collect moisture to avoid harmful mold and mildew. These amazing pouches are perfect for keeping your garage and expensive work tools dry and safe.

Unlike competing products, FIRE-ARM GUARD gun moisture absorber is chemical free and can be safely placed around the home without worry of children or pets coming in contact with them.