Ragim Black Buffalo ILF Bows, Risers, Limbs





Ragim Black Buffalo ILF Bows allow you to quickly change the draw weight or length of the bow to fit any condition.  ILF components are interchangeable between brands- so if you already have an ILF riser- you can use Ragims XT-100 Limbs.  If you have limbs- you can use the black buffalo riser.

Ragims ILF is a bit different in that the riser is a 19" riser, not a 24" as many others.  That means when you use a Ragim Black Buffalo the bow is a 58" (when used with 66" Limbs), a 60" (when used with 68"), or a 62" (when used with 70" limbs).

Ragims Limbs are sold in 66, 68, or 70" lengths, but as noted above make for a shorter bow when paired with Ragims riser.  Below is the conversion chart for length and draw weight: